Facts and Figures

In Brief about TSUAB 

Established in 1952

62-year old history 

60000 graduates

6 Faculties

38 Departments

5 Institutes

5 Branches

9000 students

600 professors and teaching staff

Degree Programs

28 Bachelor  

18 Masters   

4 Specialists   

6 Secondary Vocational Education


All Study Modes Provided

Full-time education

Part-time education

Evening-time education 


Academic Staff Training

Doctoral Studies (4 specialities)

Post-graduate Studies (30 specialities)

3 Dissertation Councils

Campus and Facilities

• 12 modern academic buildings (total space: 50 thousand sq.m)

• Scientific and technical library

• Students Architecture and Construction Business Incubator

• 7 students dormitories

• Sport complex with a playground

• Stadium with football field and hockey rink

• Sanatorium

• Kindergarten  

• Hotel “Gorodok”

• Summer camp


University training directions cover the whole process in architecture and construction production starting from design, economic and ecological justification for construction of buildings, structures, roads, bridges and aerodromes, refurbishment and restoration of architectural monuments, technical examination of modern housing stock, real estate management, its maintenance, land management and cadaster, technical and engineering support.