Civil Engineering


General information

Established in 1952. Faculty of Civil Engineering is the university’s oldest faculty with deep history and prominent graduates. It is the member of The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF) which consolidates 57 universities and faculties from 18 countries all around the world. Faculty offers degrees in all aspects of civil engineering from various structures and their testing to proficiency in real estate management.


Faculty provides all degree programs and study modes

  • Bachelor of engineering and technology in “Construction”
  • Specialist in “Construction”
  • Master of engineering and technology in “Construction”
  • Post graduate studies


Subjects covered

Building materials and technologies, project management, construction engineering, engineering operations, equipment application, expert examination



  • Construction Engineering and Technology
  • Building Materials
  • Metal and Wooden Structures
  • Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Expertise and Real Estate Management


Our students get profound fundamental knowledge applying modern methods and technologies. Classrooms and laboratories are well-equipped, which allows students to learn the latest developments in construction, to get acquainted with the modern building materials, products and structures.


Students are mentored and taught by highly qualified teachers, professors, doctors and candidates of science in the field of structural design, construction, reconstruction, maintenance of buildings and structures. Teaching staff are authors of textbooks and teaching guides.

More than 80% of the faculty members are PhDs. Our scientists are widely known within Russia and abroad. Students actively participate in research and get prizes and awards on the International and All-Russia contests and competitions.



And of course students’ construction brigades are indivisible part of the Faculty’s life. They play an important role in establishing professional qualities of engineers for many years. 


Contact person

Chair of the Faculty  
Anatoly P. Malinovsky
Tel.: +7 (3822) 65-36-31