Russian language courses

Programs of Russian Language:

Preparatory course: Russian Language for beginners «from zero to level B1»

Level B1 is necessary for an admission to universities of the Russian Federation.

Basic course B1-B2

Level B2 is necessary for getting a graduate diploma at universities of the Russian Federation.

Advanced level B2-C1

Level C1 is necessary for post-graduate students, graduates-philologists, translators.

What is a preparatory course?

Foreign citizens, wishing to study in Russia in Russian Language  are trained in preparatory courses. The main goal of these courses – teaching Russian Language.

In addition, enrollees study special disciplines, which will help them to study at university.

The program of preparatory courses lasts 1 or 1,5 academic years. Lessons are started on 1st March or 1st October. At the end of this program is conducted the final testing. Students receive certificates, giving the right to enter any university of Russia.

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Why do you need to study special disciplines?

The system of education and programs, teaching at school are different in various

 countries. Students studying abroad have a problem that their degrees of knowledges in such subjects as physics, maths and another subjects are different from students of another countries.

Firstly, studying in preparatory courses helps enrollees to high their degrees in these subjects. Secondly, these courses give possibility to practice in special Russian Language.

Programs and profiles of preparatory courses

Preparatory Department for International Students of TSUAB recruits students in 3 programs:

  • Pre-bachelors
  • Pre-masters
  • Pre-postgraduate studies

Students can choose one of 5 directions:

  • technical-engineering (include architectural)
  • natural-science
  • biomedical
  • humanitarian
  • socio-economic


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